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We change your display!

Mac 1 hour | iPhone 10 minutes | Notebook 15 minutes |

Your display have a scratch or your display is broken? Do you need a display repair or are you looking for a display? We are your display repair service berlin and fix your notebook display within 15 minutes, Mac display within 1 hour and iPhone displays in 10 minutes.

We advise you competently with any repairs, installations or upgrades

MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air / iMac Repair

Immediate replacement of defective displays (iPhone / iPad / Mac / Notebook)

Short repair and downtime – fast diagnosis

Upgrading all devices (Mac / Notebook)

Data recovery or professional deletion

(New) installations of all software and various operating systems

Professional Trojan / Virus removal e.g. BKA, Gema, GVU …